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L02-117, Shaftsbury Putrajaya, Jalan Alamanda 1, Presint 1, 62000 Putrajaya

Phone no : 03-88000842

Quote Number QUO-6
Quote Date January 29, 2021
Valid Until February 8, 2021
Total RM4,000.00
Arab Hadramot
Hrs/Qty Service/Product Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Social media Content Marketing (customized ) / Month

24 Hours Social Media Manager for both branches
3 Social Media Management ( Facebook , tiktok , instagram )
5 Posts/Week in total Content creation ( 15 )
Occasional Posts
Pages Optimazation
Targeting Needed Keywords
Publicity management
TripAdvisor Management
Google Business Management
Email Marketing
Titled to 10% off any additional Work

10 Photo shooting
4 Short 30 second promotional video

The video will be taken to show a certin item like this example

Sub Total RM6,000.00
Tax RM545.45
Discount -RM2,000.00
Total RM4,000.00