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Quote Date February 9, 2023
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Curia Regis Pte Ltd

72 CIRCULAR ROAD, #02-01, SINGAPORE 049426

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1 Website Re-Design

-Fix the problems in the current codes

- SEO Optimization

- Re-arranging the homepage content and menu

-Choosing an appropriate theme.

-Setup wordpress,theme and plugins.

-Customizing the theme based on brand.

-Rebuilding the old pages(15 page) in new theme.


12 website basic maintenance / month

- Regular backups: Schedule regular backups of your website to ensure that you can restore your site to a previous version in case something goes wrong.

- Software updates: Keep your website software (such as your content management system, plugins, and themes) up to date. This helps ensure that your website is secure and that it runs smoothly.

- Security monitoring: Monitor your website for security vulnerabilities and take steps to fix any issues that you find. You can use tools such as security plugins or security scans to help with this.

- Performance optimization: Regularly check the performance of your website and make improvements as necessary. This can include optimizing images, minifying code, and using caching to reduce load times.

- Broken link checking: Check your website regularly for broken links and fix any that you find. Broken links can be confusing for visitors and can also affect your search engine ranking.

Sub Total RM5,500.00
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Total RM5,500.00